Ocooch Mountain Conscious Creations

Home of the Original Pi™ Meditation Bench,

the Pi-To-Go™ Meditation Bench

and the Xtra-Pi™ Meditation Bench

Welcome to Ocooch Mountain Conscious Creations

Ocooch Mountain Conscious Creations is devoted to providing products and services to support individuals in moving from unconscious to conscious creations.

Made with love and good wood, the Original Pi™ Meditation Bench, Pi-To-Go™ Meditation Bench and Xtra-Pi™ Meditation Bench are the original designs of Randahl Marion Crawford (aka Ahamananda).


He is a dedicated spiritual practitioner, ordained in the Kriya Yoga lineage and the designs arose from his process of finding the best alignment for sitting in a meditative practice. Randahl personally produces the benches by hand here in the Ocooch Mountains of southwest Wisconsin, in order to support you in finding your own spiritual center.

Original Pi Meditation Bench Pi-To-Go Meditation Bench Xtra-Pi Meditation Bench

See the Pi Family™ of Meditation Benches video for an overview of the benches and how to use them.