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The Original Pi™ Meditation Bench

Original Pi™ Meditation Bench: $85. Plus $14 Shipping in the continental U.S. Please contact us for quantity pricing or shipping outside the continental U.S.

The Original Pi™ Meditation Bench is designed to foster correct spinal, physical and energetic alignment without putting stress on the knees. Most of one’s weight is distributed on the “sit bones” (ischial tuberosities) and the bench’s lower contours  adjust to each person’s needs. Each 7-1/4” tall bench is handcrafted in beautiful select hardwoods and has a beautiful semi-gloss finish. Original design by Randahl (Ahamananda).

Original Pi Meditation Bench
Three wood samples showing different wood grain patterns

Wood Variations


Ash is a beautiful wood that can have many appearances. You can see this to the left and in the various bench images on this website. Randahl asks that you let us know if you have a preference so that a bench can be fashioned especially for you.

See the “Pi Family™ of Meditation Benches” video for an overview of the benches and how to use them.