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Introducing Xtra-Pi™ The Newest Member of the Pi Family™of Meditation Benches

Randahl says, "In the 18 plus years since I designed and starting making the Original Pi™ Meditation Bench one thing became abundantly clear: this is not a one size fits all world. Most people have commented that the Pi™ Benches are the most comfortable meditation bench available. There are some, however, who have asked me to make one just a little taller. Some have asked to have its stance just a little wider. A few have asked if the legs could be flat to the ground instead of rounded."


Well, here it is:

  • A little taller at 7-1/2" in height
  • A wider stance
  • Take your pick: flat or contoured legs. It has both.


Simply face the bench the way you want. Turn the contoured side of the legs to the front so you can find your "sweet spot" or turn the flat side of the legs to the front so you can kneel in a more solid feeling fashion.


As always, handcrafted in beautiful select hardwoods,  with a beautiful semi-gloss finish.


Because not all bodies are made alike - sometimes you just need a little Xtra-Pi™!

To view other wood appearances please click here.

See the “Pi Family™ of Meditation Benches” video for an overview of the benches and how to use them.

Xtra-Pi Meditation Bench
Xtra-Pi Meditation Bench Contoured Leg

Xtra-Pi™ Meditation Bench: $103. Plus $14 Shipping in the continental U.S. Please contact us for quantity pricing or shipping outside the continental U.S.